Saturday, February 19, 2011


Dearest Family and Friends,
Finally (FINALLY!!!) my Peace Corps Partnership Proposal (PCPP) has been approved and posted on the Peace Corps website. The proposal is for the completion of my school’s laboratory. As a science teacher, I can clearly see how the lack of hands on activities has a detrimental effect on the interest of studying of the sciences. How can students be enthusiastic about learning when they don’t know the practical applications? Finishing this laboratory and providing a place for students to develop their critical thinking skills is so important to me. But I need your help! The PCPP depends on friends and family (that’s you!) of the Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) to donate towards funding. Once all the money is raised, the PCV (that’s me!) will ensure that the project is completed and not lost to corrupt hands along the way. Therefore, your tax deductible donations will go directly to my school! Please, take a look at the project at:

And here are some pictures of the unfinished laboratory for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for looking and a million thanks if you can donate!


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  1. How much money will it take to finish the work? How much to finish one more room? For just the hand washing stations? Knowing in a concrete manner just what a donation can bring would be extremely helpful.

    Susan (Carol's sister)