Friday, July 1, 2011

HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Last month, I organized a HIV/AIDS Awareness day for my students and community. It was a huge success drawing approximately 500 secondary school students and 100 community members in attendance. With the Bishop Abiero Girls’ Health Club and help of Nyanza Reproductive Health Society (NRHS), we were able to facilitate a successful event.

As per usual, the day started out way behind schedule. Approximately 4 hours after they were supposed to arrive, the NRHS workers FINALLY arrived (note to self; never ever ever expect a Kenyan function to begin on time). Approximately 500 students were in attendance from my school, Bishop Okoth, and Orando secondary schools. They started the day with a health talk for a Ministry of Health Official, Naomi, who discussed rape and sexual assault. The students were active listeners and asked sincere, thought provoking questions.

The main entertainment of the day was a football (soccer) tournament between students and community groups. It was entertaining to watch especially when a women’s group that had asked to compete arrived and consisted of mostly 50 year old grannies :)

Here, students and community members watch a football match

And here are the winners of the football matches with their gleaming trophies!

The students also presented HIV/AIDS related dramas, songs, and dances. These unveiled some talented actresses and actors! My students performed a drama on HIV stigma in the community:

Orando Secondary Students performed a traditional Luo song about HIV:

Bishop Okoth students performed a drama about risky behaviour that leads to HIV transmission.

Here, some children from the community enjoy the entertainment:

The day was a lot of fun and was very successful. NRHS performed 42 voluntary medical male circumcisions ( which helps to reduce HIV transmission) and 83 students and community members were HIV tested and counseled. The schools have already asked for another one to be planned for next year!